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Lawn Care


We can rejuvenate your lawn and make it look amazing again. Our lawn revival services include weed killing, moss removal, aerating the soil, spiking, fertilising and re-seeding the ground to encourage luscious regrowth. And our maintenance services provides on-going care all year round. We work with professional, organic fertilisers and treatments to ensure the very best, eco-friendly finish.

Trimming the Grass
Lawn Care

Year-Round Maintenance

Take the stress out of gardening and let us come and do the hard work for you! From nourishing and maintaining your lawn to selecting the perfect plants for your soil and the space that you have, we can provide regular gardening services to keep your outdoor space looking its very best!

Image by Arno Senoner

Trees, Hedges & Planting


We grow our own specialist trees and hedges on our land and so can provide expert advice and guidance on which varieties to select for your property. We can also remove and shred trees, reusing all organic matter on our own land. 

We also offer planting advice for all sorts of gardens and can help with pollarding, as well as on-going maintenance of hedges and trees.

Image by Pedro Ramos
Trees & Planting
Residential Garden

Ponds & Water Features


There are few nicer feelings than being surrounded by natural beauty, but it can sometimes seem daunting to work out where your time would be best served in making that positive environment possible.

We understand this predicament well, but we're glad to say that for those who want more beauty but less stress, our ponds and rockeries are a great solution that bring a lot of beauty, and very little in the way of upkeep requirements.

Low Maintenance, High Impact

For those who feel that a splash of colour and shape would improve their property, but for whom a year-round gardening schedule might prove to be too time consuming, an alpine garden rockery is an excellent choice.

Using plant types that prefer lower water intake and soil depth, and stone arrangements that help to trap ambient moisture, an expert can create a rockery that won't just look great; It will continue to look great with much less effort than a full garden requires.



Perhaps the best thing about our pond & rockery products is their versatility, and we're pleased to say that for those inclined, we can redesign your garden to integrate both the simple beauty and low upkeep of a rockery, and the tranquillity and calm of a water feature. 


And with 25 years' experience managing all scales of project, you can trust that we'll put together every separate element perfectly, every time.

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